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Here is a listing of a bunch of sites I found helpful (and still do) in building my custom lightsaber and lightsabers to come. NOTE: if any site authors object to having their page listed, please contact me using the link on the main page and I will remove it.

Dewback Wing ASAP boards - A GREAT bunch of forums for not only Lightsabers, but Star Wars and other movie props.

Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy - A site with a lot of replica and custom lightsaber pictures plus other Star Wars props and costumes.

Kal Joren's Jedi Academy - Another good site with some tutorials and props as well as custom action figures.

- Nice renderings and blue prints of sabers from the movies.

- A good site with lots of customs, an AWESOME collection of his own, and loads of reference pics from plenty of Expanded Universe and Movie sabers.

Lightsabers from the Big Yellow Box - Great site with some good original designs.